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Chasing Waterfalls

Iceland: August 1-22 Aside from foraging for wild blueberries in the heath, one of our favorite pass times while touring in Iceland has been “collecting” waterfalls.  Few natural phenomena are more emblematic of the county than these examples of cascading water, and many of them are well marked alongside the tourist-trampled Ring Road.  Gullfoss (golden […]

Wild Westfjords

August 6-10, Westfjords, Iceland The two young Parisians sharing a farmhouse with us at the base of the Vatnsnes Peninsula were trying to conceal their amazement/horror as I single-handedly attempted to scrounge up a passable meal for our two kids.  It was 11pm and the sun had finally slipped into the Arctic Sea beyond the […]

Sunglasses at Night

Reykjavik, Iceland August 1-5 At 1am on August 2nd, Reykjavik welcomed us with a blast of salt air and a lingering sunset.  The Midnight Sun had only just given over to a few hours of cerulean semi-darkness prior to our arrival, and to say our small squadron was due to experience some form of “temporal […]