On the Road Again: A Summer In Turkey


July 18 – 31, 2017 Istanbul, Turkey Given the (in)activity here in our tiny corner of the internet, you’d be forgiven for assuming that our family had, once and for all, hung up our backpacks and closed the chapter on our traveling story. Back in December 2015, after seven months of exploring the Iberian Peninsula,… Continue reading On the Road Again: A Summer In Turkey

Priceless Series: Bedtime Stories

A Room With a View

Earlier this evening, Ollie and I began reading Dickens’ Oliver Twist. On the second page of the (abridged) book, poor Oliver’s mother dies during childbirth. Ollie (our Oliver) and I were lying on the couch and after I read these lines, he looked back at me and asked, “Oh, is that when they cut the mommy’s… Continue reading Priceless Series: Bedtime Stories