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On the Road Again: A Summer In Turkey

July 18 – 31, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey

Rods over the Bosphorus

Given the (in)activity here in our tiny corner of the internet, you’d be forgiven for assuming that our family had, once and for all, hung up our backpacks and closed the chapter on our traveling story. Back in December 2015, after seven months of exploring the Iberian Peninsula, we discovered, El Gastor, a tiny pueblo in a remote, mountainous corner of Andalucía, and made a temporary home for ourselves. The plan: refresh and relax after nearly two and a half years of nomadism, acquire a new language and navigate the final few months of my third pregnancy. In short order, we signed a 1-year lease on a home, the kids were enrolled in a brick-and-mortar school for the first time in their lives and we were all on our way to speaking our village’s signature Andalúz (an already heavily-accented variation of the Queen’s Castilian, infamous for, among other things, word-combining and eliminating practically all consonants from day-to-day speech). And that baby I mentioned? Eneko Gael Rauch, Basque for “our little love”, arrived June 2nd, 2015.

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Just You Try To Keep Up With Her: Happy 4th Birthday, Kendley!!!

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