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Wandering Families

Almost Fearless
Traveling writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker.  Currently in Beijing with her husband and toddler son and learning Mandarin.

At Home in the World
“Wherever we are together, we are at home in the World.”  Six Canadians have the right attitude towards life as they travel as a family.

A nomadic family from CA who drove a restored ’71 VW around the circumference of the USA, down through Central America, and straight on through the east coast of South America to Ushuaia, at the bottom of the world.

Bohemian Travelers
A family of five who “escaped the rat race” five years ago and lived to tell the tale.

Delicious Baby
Inspiring travel stories, practical travel tips, and kid-friendly city guides from a mom of three.

The Dropout Diaries Having moved her family to Chiang Mai, this blogger works to build an online business that will support her family as they travel the world slowly.

Edventure Project
The Miller family is endeavoring to spend the next ten years with their four children living and learning all over the globe. Four years and four continents in, they are showing no sign of slowing down.

Family On Bikes The Vogel Family cycled 17,300 miles from Alaska to Argentina.  Their two kids currently hold the world record for the youngest people to have biked the entire length of the Pan American Highway.

Got Passport A family of three recent expats (Texas, USA → Chiang Mai, Thailand) share their goal (We Say NO to the Status Quo) and their adventures in their blog.

Ground Truth Trekking A geologist and molecular biologist husband/wife team have walked more than 7,000 miles together through the Alaskan wilderness with their toddler in tow.

Life Changing Year
One family in the midst of a multi-country year long trip around the world.

Livin’ on the Road This wandering family has been travelling slowly around Australia with their four children aged 3, 6, 9 and 10 in a 22 foot caravan since 2009.

Raising Miro on the Road of Life Travel Blog & Podcast
A single mom and son’s travel blog and podcast, chronicling their nomadic adventures as they travel around the world together; Raising Miro on the Road of Life.

Snaps & Blabs
A gorgeous family-travel/photo journal blog. Chronicles the life of two vagabonds and their three children traveling around the world on a shoe-string budget.  Geri’s photography is sublime.

A family of three from Santa Cruz, California with their daughter explore Europe and learn new languages and cultures.

One mother and one son who started out on a RTW trip in 2010.  Theodora’s writing is as hilarious and entertaining as it is informative.

On their way to Grandma’s house in Ireland, this family made pitstops in South America, South-East Asia, China, Japan, Central Asia and the Middle East.

With 2 Kids in Tow
Backpacking they go! Preschoolers in SE Asia.

Wagoners Abroad
American family of four goes for the expat life in Spain and breaks it down, point-by-point, dollar-by-dollar, on how they’ve managed to craft the life of their dreams.

WorldSchool Adventures
A family of four traveling slowly while unschooling their two boys.

 Other Amazing Travel Blogs

Acrobat of the Road
Juan has been hitchhiking, yes, hitchhiking, around the world since 2005. He has crossed 46 borders, and traveled some 130,000 Km and at one point, wrote an e-book about traveling by thumb in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

The Everywhereist
After getting off from her copywriting job, Geraldine starts tagging along on the business trips that take her husband all around the world.

Travel Resources

Nomadic Matt
In blog and numerous articles, Matt dishes on how it is possible to travel long term without a lot of money.

Matador is an independent media company and nexus of travel culture worldwide.

Invaluable resource for backpacker travel in SE Asia.  Up-to-the-minute details and hard-to-find information. Honest reviews from real people.

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