Priceless Series: Bedtime Stories

A Room With a View
A Room With a View
Now, what exactly killed Goliath?

Earlier this evening, Ollie and I began reading Dickens’ Oliver Twist. On the second page of the (abridged) book, poor Oliver’s mother dies during childbirth. Ollie (our Oliver) and I were lying on the couch and after I read these lines, he looked back at me and asked, “Oh, is that when they cut the mommy’s stomach and the baby comes out? Did Oliver’s mommy die during that?”

I struggled to find an explanation. “Yes… but sometimes a baby comes out from a different place…from, ehem…a place down… below”.  I used my fingers to gesture towards  the appropriate place. Ollie appeared confused.

“So Oliver Twist’s mommy died when he was coming out of her balls?”

After relaying this story to our families over email, my father-in-law’s response was: “Next book to read to Oliver: Comparative Anatomy.”


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